Welcome to the website for Victor Swanson

Candidate for Illinois' 14th Congressional District

  Victor Swanson and his family

This campaign is about a brighter tomorrow for our children.  In order to ensure a brighter future we need to show our children that we care more about each other than we do about money.  It is time for our government to reflect our values.  It is time for all of us to vote for our values of education, health care, veterans, the environment, and the elderly.

Campaign Themes

  • We need to make the world we live in a brighter place for future generations.  
  • In order to make the world a brighter place for future generations we need to ensure fairness and equality for all Americans, not just corporations and the wealthy.
  • Family has always played an important role in my politics.
  • Love, kindness and a shared sense of community responsibility have never been on the wrong side of history.

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