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Building a Brighter Tomorrow

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Preserving and improving public education is one of my passions. I have dedicated my life to educating high school students.  My wife, Karen teaches fifth grade in Aurora and our two children, attend Batavia Public Schools.  We spend many nights gathered around the kitchen table helping our children with their homework and grading papers for our students we teach.


A child’s zip code should not predetermine their access to a quality education. We need to create equal opportunities for all of students.  Washington’s priorities are wrong! We continue to spend more and more on the Pentagon and less and less on our public schools. If we want to create a great society, we must start with our children. As Congressman I will advocate for universal access to preschool, lowering the cost of college, and ensuring that a quality education is available to every student.

Protecting the Health of a Nation

The Affordable Care Act was a great first step in providing Americans with essential health benefits that every human deserves.  The ACA was not the final answer.  The next logical step is to provide every person in the United States with high quality health care through a single payer system.  

Funding Science

Our budget priorities should reflect our values.  Federal funding of scientific research has brought important discoveries such as vaccines, the internet, and GPS.  Instead of cutting the budget for scientific research, we should be expanding federal dollars for the National Science Foundation.   More importantly, this funding can provide jobs for amazing people who create a better world for all of us.

Taking Care of the Senior Citizens

The two generations we
need to take care of most.

We should not be looking for ways to save money by sacrificing benefits that our senior citizens have come to depend on.  Social Security and Medicare are not entitlement programs; they are programs that people have earned and worked hard to receive.  We need to ensure that these programs remain fully funded and sustainable for the seniors in our lives who spent countless hours taking care of us.





Protecting the Environment

As Antarctica recently reached an astoundingly high record temperature of 65°, scientists overwhelmingly support the idea that human activity is dangerously warming the planet.  To think otherwise is even more dangerous for the future generations of Americans.  We need to do everything we can to protect the environment by sufficiently funding the EPA, cleaning our Great Lakes, eliminating lead from our environment, and adhering to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Protecting Human Rights

I firmly support the LGBTQ community.  "Religious Freedom" laws being passed in certain states essentially legitimize discrimination.  These types of laws have never been on the right side of history and never will be.  Any time the government makes laws that allow individuals to discriminate against a group of people, we lose some of the founding documents' intent.  If we allow discrimination in the United States, we are no better than theocratic nations that we abhor.

Fighting for Women's Rights

Women deserve equal rights, and I will fight to ensure these rights for all women.  I am also a pro-choice advocate.  My parents separated when I was 8 years old, and like many children today, we lived in a single parent household headed up by my mother, a small business owner who worked 60 hours a week. My mother is a strong woman who taught her children to be respectful of all human beings.  I am alarmed that still today women do not receive the same wages for the same jobs that men do.  Currently, we have a government that makes decisions concerning womena without any input from women.  We should follow the lead of the United States Women's National Soccer Team who made a strong statement by refusing to participate in games until they received the same benefits as the men's team.  

Helping Small Businesses Succeed

JaneMy parents were both small business owners.  My mother is a kitchen designer, and my father owned a plumbing company. It has become harder for them to compete as multi-national corporations force themselves into the market. Small businesses make this country great, and we need to allow them to succeed.



Taking Care of our Children

As a society we can't claim to be pro-life and against free and reduced lunch.  We cannot be pro-life and support eliminating Head Start programs.  In order to break the cycle of poverty, we must ensure that the basic needs of children are met.

Valuing our Immigrants

My grandfather came through Ellis Island by himself at the age of 11 and headed to his sister's house in the Quad Cities.  He later went on to run a successful small business in Aurora, IL.  Immigrants contribute to our economy and play a great role in making our country great. Building a wall will do nothing to prevent illegal immigration.  The United States is going to either move forward with the world and its citizens or be left behind.

Honoring Our Veterans

As a veteran I know all to well the sacrifice many of our soldiers and sailors have made over the years. Volunteers mainly from middle class families make up the military that keeps all Americans safe.  When these brave men and women return home, we need to make sure they are kept safe.  I will work to protect and reform the VA so that our heroes get the services that they earned and deserve.

A young Victor Swanson proudly
serving his country


Common Sense Tax Reform

President Trump may not have paid any taxes, but I can’t blame him for that.  What I can do is blame the laws that makes it possible.  We need to reform our tax code from one that provides advantages to billionaires and puts the burden of taxation on the middle class to one that is fair and equitable for all American citizens.

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